Party Rental Express
Our 90 inch Round Cloths hang lap length on our 60 inch Round Tables. The 120 inch Rounds go all the way to the floor on the 60 inch Round Tables. We also carry linens that will go to the floor on all sides of an 8 ft Banquet Table.

 90 inch Round Tablecloth                                        $10.50
(black, ivory, red, white)

120 inch Round Tablecloth                                       $17.00
(black, hunter green, ivory, white)

54 inch X 120 inch Rectangle Banquet Tablecloth         $10.50
(white, black)

90 inch X 156 inch Rectangle Banquet Tablecloth         $20.00

20 inch X 20 inch Linen Napkin                                 $  .60
(black, hunter green, ivory, white, fudge)

Party Rental Express does charge for wax, burn holes and irreparable damage to cloths. Please return cloths dry and free from debris.

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